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jquery.min.js interfering with madcap.js in Flare 13 R3

PublicadoCOLON 10 Jul 2018 12:08
por crowek

Has anyone encountered an issue with using jquery.min.js in Flare 13 R3. We use the breadcrumb and menu proxies in the master page but they are not displayed when we build the output. Madcap have confirmed that they cannot ensure that the jquery.min.js. gets run at a time that doesn’t interfere with the madcap.js .Is there a way we can control when the scripts are run? I have changed the order of the scripts in the head of the master page but no luck so far.Look forward to hearing from you.

Please help

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https://forums.madcapsoftware.com/viewt ... =9&t=29965
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